‘Sade, please meet me at IBIKUNLE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL,’ I read the message on my phone’s inbox. It was from my friend, Bimbo. She is not due for delivery yet so what could be the matter?’ I wondered. I dialed her number which she picked up after several dials.
‘Anuoluwa, is critically ill” came the troubled response from the young lady all in one breathe. “Kindly come over to ward 212.’
‘I will be there in a jiffy. Please don’t…’ She terminated the call before I could finish my statement.
I boarded the next available vehicle; it was as if the passengers knew I was in a hurry as they came out in their numbers and in less than five minutes, it was already filled up. As the bus left the park, different thoughts thronged my mind, ranging from motherhood, coping with stress both in the office as well as in the home, in-law’s conflicts and some other marital challenges.
‘Mummy, see bread,’ a little boy pointed his mother’s attention to a scene outside the window.
I followed the direction of his pointed finger to a scene I could describe as ‘free for all.’
What some people call loss at times, others termed as gain. Some beggars were seen picking loaves of bread scattered all over the road. The windfall was as a result of the accident which happened an hour ago, where a lorry carrying some loaves of bread stumbled on a car parked by the side of the road and discharged all its contents all over the road. Nobody could tell the fate of the driver afterwards.
‘What a waste!’ an elderly man seated beside me remarked.
‘A big waste indeed,’ another concurred.
In all things, give thanks, I muttered. That these poor miserable beggars had so much bread to eat, was not even the issue, but the fact that it was an expensive one. Heavenly Super loaf is a delight of every home but not all can afford it; I can’t remember the last time I had a bite. If someone had told them that they would have just a bite today, they wouldn’t have believed it but here they are having more than enough to feast on.


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