Finally, I found the drug at the pharmacy.
‘This mountain must be removed,’ I hummed a favourite tune. For the first time in a long while, the reflection of my overweight size on the wall mirror made no disheartened impact on me that afternoon; in a matter of time, I would regain my erstwhile slim frame.


I had a swell time at Tope’s wedding. The array of dishes which made its way to my table was irresistible.
‘Rejoice with those that rejoice,’ I muttered as I helped myself to two big wraps of ‘iyan’ covered with ‘efo riro’ and several blockades.
‘Great Ife!’ the voice of the MC blared like a radio jingle.
‘All Ife alumni please converge at the left wing of the hall for a brief reception,’ he announced.
The brief reception turned out to be another round of party. Fat pieces of ‘Asun’, ‘Suya’ and other assorted spiced meats flowed freely.
‘If you can’t beat them, you join them,’ I muttered as I helped myself to more than I could chew…


I woke up with a rumbling in my stomach. The aftermath of the packs of chocolates I consumed at work was already staging a riot in my stomach.
‘Yeh!’ I struggled in the restroom like a woman experiencing labour pangs. Heavy sweat dripped from my brow like a Christmas goat. The force I exerted trying to pass out the waste products was unbearable…


I was back at the pharmacy. The furrow on my brow was deep enough to hold a litre of water. ‘It is all a fake,’ I tossed the empty packet of the drug at the counter before the shop attendant.
‘That drug was meant to reduce my weight,’ I lamented, ‘but here I am as fat as ever.’
The patient shop assistant pointed at a bold inscription on the body of the pack.
‘This drug can only be effective if the instructions are strictly adhered to.’
The scales fell off from my eyes. I saw my guilt staring angrily at me and then leading me carefully like a child around memory lane: Overstuffing my stomach with excess food, eating late at night, and lack of exercise…
‘The problem is not with the drug,’ she continued, ‘but with its usage.’


It is not surprising these days to hear Christians dismiss the wonder-working word of God. It is not uncommon to hear expressions like: ‘I have done all that is in the book, but got no result.’
And in the similitude of the response from the shop attendant, the problem is not with the word, but with its usage.
The best way to maximize the word of God is to adhere to the instructions therein.

‘And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you because you obey the voice of the LORD your God.’ (Deuteronomy 28:2)


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