Oba Alamu tossed from one side of the bed to the other as his weary and nomadic eyes settled on the large-sized wall clock in his room.

A well-spent day brings happy sleep, he pondered  over a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci. If that saying was anything to go by, then why was he finding it difficult to fall asleep?

Lying graciously by his side was the princess. The mere sight of her sleeping posture reminded him of one of Walt Disney’s fairy tales – Sleeping Beauty. Although Princess Abike’s flawless skin which shone like the new moon beckoned on him for a warm caress, yet, he decided against it, at least not tonight. What was paramount in his mind was to resolve the jigsaw puzzle robbing him  his sleep.

He shuffled to the door, opening and closing it soundlessly so he would not disturb his better half.

‘Ta ni mo se?’ he paced from one end of his palace to the other, ‘whom have I offended?’

‘What is happening to me?’ he soliloquised before the wall-sized mirror as though waiting for an immediate answer. Luckily for him, he got the clue symbolically. The moment he caught his own reflection on the glass, the picture of his late father – the great Oba Jagunmolu, came into view.

One of the major attributes of the former Oba Jagunmolu was to reward

every act of good deeds regardless of who was involved.

‘If surely I’m the true son of my father, then…

Princess Abike came in at that instance.

‘You gave me quite a scare,’ her velvety voice tugged passionately at the reins of his heart, ‘my love, why are you still awake?’

‘Nothing to worry about, my fair princess,’ he hugged her affectionately as though it was their first night, ‘why would I fall asleep when that unique attribute of my late father is not manifesting in me?’

‘Quit speaking in parables my love and speak in…’

‘In plain words,’ he completed the rest of the sentence, sealing her lips with his index finger.

‘My princess,’ he continued circling her slender waist, ‘your husband has a very important task to accomplish tonight. So go back to bed, I would be joining you in a short while.’

Without further persuasions, she wriggled her waist elegantly back to the bedroom.

‘Oba Alamu, wake up!’ he taps his forehead gently with his palms, ‘the time to act is now!’

He then summoned one of the palace guards.

‘Bring me the records!’

‘Yes, my Lord!’ the stout looking man disappeared and then re-emerges with an old and bulky register.

The next one hour saw the king perusing through the hardcover book. After what seems like eternity…

He jumped up from the couch, ‘‘No wonder, I’ve been unable he to sleep! tell me, what has been done to reward Enitan, the man who delivered the former king from assassination?’

The young man scratched his head as though searching for the answer.

‘Will you speak up?’ he thundered.

‘Nothing my Lord,’ but he quickly added, ‘I guess the former King must have forgotten. It’s unlike the great Oba Jagunmolu not to reward an art of kindness.’

‘Then justice must be served!’ he declared, ‘I don’t care the status of this hero, all I know is that Enitan must be compensated period!

‘At your service!’ he marched out.


My friend, this could be your TESTIMONY if only you don’t despair in good deeds. Believe me; the king would never rest UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN REWARDED.

‘Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.’ (Galatians 6:9)







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