A man willing to eat the rarest of honey, as they say, will be unmindful of the edge of his axe.
Narrowest way is most undesirable; concealed as unattractive barriers and mountains; they present the greatest opportunity for progress.
Who will hit the nail on the head? Obviously, the man with a hammer, but hammer is now obtainable only in the mouths of lions.

Who goes there? Only the hearty, courageous and committed.
Success in life inevitably does not come with the comforts of the proverbial bed of roses. It usually accompanies and befriends those who are willing to confront their lions and obtaining the hammer that will nail the realities of relevance, prominence and influence.
The rock never cracks at the first hit. Constant, consistent, persevering coordinated and focused hits; the rock will eventually crack.
The reality above is only applicable to the determined.
Who wants success and detests failure?
Then, be determined.

– By Toyin Akiode


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