The fireworks sounded in its full intensity as it ushered in the New Year. The whole town came alive with shouts of jubilations of ‘Happy New year!’
Right in the stable, my fellow donkeys too were not left behind in the euphoria. But there I lay, isolated from the others and enveloped in my own grief.
“It’s another new year.” I lamented. “How long will I continue to live a life of reproach?”
Of all the donkeys in the stable, I was the most submissive and yet the most despised. My master only engages me with the usual task of carrying heavy burdens to and from the farm and nothing else. And at the end of the day, I become so dirty.
This status quo had been on, year in, year out, as I remained the most downtrodden of all the donkeys in the stable.
Apart from our usual task, the one which we considered the most honourable, is the pleasure of being ridden on. After a hard day’s job, we all look forward to seeing a potential customer come to our stable to hire one of us for one of those recreational activities in the village.
I was the only donkey that had never enjoyed that privilege of being ridden on in my entire life.
Day in, day out, I cried: ‘When will it ever be my turn? When will I ever be decked with beautiful attire for the great pleasure of being ridden on rather than just carrying heavy load all the time? After all, they say, ‘all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.’
Then I thought of a strategy to make myself desirable at all times. One afternoon, a potential customer approached my master.
“Sanu,” he greeted him. “I want to hire one of these your donkeys.”
“Go ahead.” He urged him. “Make your selection.”
At that instant, my instincts immediately whispered to me: ‘this is your day’. So, I quickly repositioned myself in such a way that I would be noticed. As soon as he got to where I was, I eyed him and practically pleading with my eyes. But regrettably, he bypassed me!
Oh how I cried throughout that night after which I gave up every hope.
Then came one fateful day. We were all in the stable when all of a sudden, we heard a forceful sound at the door and before any of us could cry out for help, two men entered!
“Ssh!” They ordered us. “There is no cause for alarm.”
Before I knew it, one of them, began untying me! Cold fear gripped me. What offence have I committed?
Thank God, my master came in just at the nick of time.
“Where do you think you are taking that donkey to?” He thundered.
“Our Master has need of it.” The older of the two replied confidently.
“Your master?” my bewildered master asked in contempt. “Who is your master?”
“The king of kings and the Lord of lords.” He replied. “His name is Jesus, the son of the most High God.”
My master began trembling and finally found his voice again.
“I will make you an offer.” He continued. “Let me give you a finer donkey; leave that one alone.”
“Not so.” They protested. “Our Master desires a donkey which no man had ever ridden on for his grand entry into Jerusalem.”
The poor man had no choice than to let me go!
My joy knew no bounds that very day as I was decked in a colourful attire. As I conveyed the Lord of the whole universe on my back, a mammoth crowd came out to grace the occasion of His triumphant entry. They even spread their garments on the road for me to walk on. Can you beat that?
My God! I had never felt honoured in all my entire life. Poor, despised donkey like me, chosen as the official donkey for the King of kings.
Tears of joy flowed down my eyes and since then, my life had never been the same again.
Watch out friends, it is your turn to shine.

(Inspired by the gospel according Luke 19:28-31)


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