With heavy heart, I watched in total resignation as the remains of my hopes were lowered into the red mud.
All of a sudden, a tall and bony creature clad in black emerged and brandished a dagger towards me.
‘Ha! Ha!! You are next in line.’
I took to my heels immediately and just as the ugly creature was about closing up on me, I woke up with a start!
I sprang from my sweat stained bed and broke down into tears. The nightmare appeared so real.
I peered into the poorly lit room and luckily, my two daughters-in-law were sound asleep.
The weight of the triple tragedies which stormed my family in quick successions was so overwhelming. Firstly, it was the death of my dear husband and then in swift successions, deaths of my two sons!
And now, the latest on the roll call of disasters was the severe famine in the land.
Like a bolt out of the blues, an idea struck me – go back to the land of your birth; back to the land of the LIVING GOD!
That idea gradually calmed down my nerves and sweet-talked me back to sleep.
Gathering the remains of my belongings the following day, I embarked on a journey of no return.
‘We would go with you,’ my daughters-in-law cried out simultaneously.
‘Not so, my dear,’ I restrained them, ‘I cannot continue to be a burden to you. You still have hopes; you can be married again. As for me, I am like a dead tree. Please go back to your fathers’ houses.’
One of my daughters-in-law kissed me farewell and preceded back to her father’s house, while the other, remained undaunted.
‘I will follow you anywhere you go,’ the adamant lady declared. ‘Your people will be my people,’ and your God will be my God.’
‘Okay, if you insist.’
Our arrival in the old community created a sensation. Quickly it passed from lip to lip that the well-known, beautiful and pleasant woman who had left ten years before was back, and as the entire city met me they cried, “Is this Naomi?”
‘Don’t call me Naomi,’ i replied my kings-men, ‘call me bitterness; I went out full, and the LORD hath brought me home again empty.’
‘But who is this strange woman with her?’ some of them asked the moment they noticed my daughter-in-law.
The almighty God however, dealt well with me in the land. In no short time, the seemingly dead tree suddenly began to bud at the scent of water from the LIVING GOD.
My daughter-in-law who had become to me more than seven sons got married again.
Through the divine hands of providence, she got married to one of my late husband’s kinsmen!
My hopes and sweetness swung back to life as I held my first grandchild closed to my heart.
The family I thought had perished was once again restored to the genealogies of Israel and not just an ordinary family but the root of the MESSIAH.
To him that is joined to the LIVING GOD, a living dog is better than a dead lion.
You are not FORGOTTEN!



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