A visit to the prison


A Visit to the Prison.

A strange stillness overwhelmed me the moment my group and I stepped into the security booth of the prison premises. A beefy looking security man with blood shot eyes handed each of us a gate pass which must be returned on our departure; Failure to do so, according to him, would amount to undue harassment from any of the officials.
A prison Orderly conducted us round the prison yard and as we followed him, I threw a bait with my curious eyes and thankfully, it landed on a spectacle; a touching one indeed.
At the rear side of the reformatory building, I noticed some ‘human robots’, all clad in blue uniforms weeding a large plantation with their bare hands. Their gaunt bodies seemed as though it will break each time they move them.
“Those are inmates on life sentence.” The orderly remarked the moment we passed by. “They are in a journey of no return.”
My heart bled as I looked again, this time around, to witness the fate of some of the unlucky jailbirds, in the hands of an irate guard. My flesh felt the taste of each stroke of the cane which landed on their backs like a drummer’s stick on a drum.
The moment we got to the hallway, a stench of festering sewage paced into my nostrils and my mouth responded fast in a reflex action, forming a sizeable quantity of saliva. I swallowed the stuff immediately and then covered my nose with a handkerchief. I was yet to recover from that when all of a sudden; an alarming clatter resonated across the building and almost punctured my eardrums.
“That sound is not a big deal to us here.” Our guide smiled.
I stole a glance into one of the rooms and there I saw two miserable looking figures in a hot brawl while the other jailbirds looked on with nonchalance.
A significant number of inmates were already waiting anxiously in the common room by the time we walked in. As soon as we introduced ourselves to our audience, I quickly sensed a display of Penitence on their stricken faces. These miserable men were hungry; not for food we brought for them, but for the emancipation of their entire being.
The mind-blowing response we got from them at the end of the few minutes talks we had with them was a testimonial that our mission was a fruitful one indeed. Although, there were some other sniggering remarks from a marginal population of our audience on the other hand, yet, I was convinced that our visit to the incarceration institution that day was a noteworthy one.



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