‘This dress looks absolutely great on you,’ my fashion designer ran her sparkling eyes round me, ‘not with this accentuation of your vital curves…’
‘Please don’t flatter me,’ I cut short her compliments. ‘Of what use are the curves when they still cannot deliver accordingly.’
The pretty dresser maker laughed so hard that tears ran down her eyes. I felt like giving her a big blow but on the contrary, I forced myself into a good laugh when I recalled my pastor’s wife advice to the singles in my church on the relevance of having a good laugh once in a while.
But jokes aside, why these curves had not been unable to deliver my Mr Right to me all these years was still something I found it hard to grapple with. I had attended over ten wedding ceremonies alone within the last six months and yet, no man met my Prince charming.
Just then one of the Facebook posts l received within the week flashed through my mind:
‘If you have attended over 100 weddings and you are still single, you are not different from a canopy.’
I felt so sad and hurriedly collected my attire and left my dress maker’s shop.
I attended another wedding celebration over the weekend which turned out to be a modest one; a sharp contrast to the showy ones I was used to where virtually everyone would be clamouring for recognition. Apart from that, the service of refreshments was usually a tug-of-war and in most cases, you need to know one of the celebrants well enough in order to receive a befitting attention.
I sat alone at a corner sipping my fruit juice quietly and before I knew it, a handsome dude came and sat close to me.
‘Excuse me please,’ he began in the most eloquent voice I had ever heard in my life.
‘Yes please. How may I help you?’ I twisted my accent to match his.
He peered at me closely and his countenance changed immediately.
‘Oh I’m sorry, young lady. I mistook you for one prominent event planner I used to know. I should be seeing my optician.’ He smiled apologetically and walked away.
My heart sank. Just when I was thought I was on the verge of being hooked… well, I took it as a good omen.
The musician stepped forward to render her song. As I listened to the beat, I heard something different from the kind of music I was used to in most of the past weddings I had attended.
In one of them, it was not uncommon to hear songs like this:
Won ma pe yin
Ko ti kan yin.
Which simply means: ‘You will soon be called upon but it is not yet your turn.’
The melodious song which oozed out from this artiste melted my heart:
You are next in line
(For a miracle) for a miracle
(This is your time) this is your time…
I felt elated and before I knew it, my spirit, soul and body was already absorbed in the tune. In my mind’s eye, I saw myself soaring and conquering every hurdle of impossibilities before me.
That particular event produced a stirring within me and right there, I made a firm decision that I don’t have to grace every occasion just to get an attention. The truth is, the tendency to be noticed is more frequent in a smaller gathering than attending a ‘carnival.’
I left the party with a renewed zest to be my best all the time with a positive assurance that, I AM NEXT IN LINE.


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